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Infrared (FLIR) Imaging

Utilizing thermal imaging with infrared cameras expands the capabilities of visual observation by capturing heat signatures that the human eye cannot detect. This technology allows for the measurement and detection of temperatures above absolute zero, making it useful for a wide range of applications.

Some common uses of thermal imaging include:

  • Building and facility inspections

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Surveillance and security

  • Search and rescue operations

  • Temperature measurements and monitoring in industrial processes

  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation

  • Research and development in many fields

Discover the potential of thermal imaging for your industry with our expert consulting and data collection services

Thermal Imaging of the Ship Deck

Automated inspections

Automated inspections utilizing AI technology can increase efficiency and accuracy in identifying defects and issues in various industries. Our team specializes in providing automated inspection solutions for:

  • Industrial equipment and machinery

  • Building and infrastructure inspections

  • Quality control in manufacturing

  • Non-destructive testing in construction

  • Energy loss detection in buildings

By using advanced algorithms and computer vision techniques, our automated inspection services can save time and resources while ensuring high-quality results

Expert IR Data Collection Services for AI Automation 

Our thermal imaging services specialize in data collection, processing, and labeling for AI automation in a variety of applications. Our team of experts has experience in:

  • Aerial thermography of buildings

  • Non-destructive testing for concrete analysis and corrosion detection

  • Building diagnostics such as moisture detection, roof analysis, and energy loss detection

  • Non-clinical medical imaging for inflammatory condition monitoring

  • Roof thermal inspections

  • Non-invasive corrosion testing and analysis

PCB Inspection Sensor
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