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MicroEndoscopic Single-Use Sensor

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Maximize Your Endoscopic Imaging Potential and Accelerate Your Scientific Discoveries

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Affordable, Disposable, and High-Quality Micro Camera for Endoscopy Procedures

IPDScientific is a leader in providing single-use endoscopic cameras for medical and surgical applications. Our cameras are designed to provide superior image clarity, allowing our customers to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Our cameras are designed to be easy to use, versatile, and cost-effective, and offer superior image quality. We strive to make the process of diagnosing and treating medical conditions as accurate and efficient as possible.

High-Quality Footage Captured with Our Affordable and Disposable Micro Camera


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Skin Endoscopic Video
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Skin Endoscopic Video

Dental Exam Endoscopy
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Dental Exam Endoscopy

Mouth Cavity Endoscopy
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Mouth Cavity Endoscopy

Tiniest Endoscopic Optical Sensors for Precise Imaging in Medical & Biological Applications


  • Camera Dimensions        1 x 1 x 2mm

  • Resolution                        320 x 320

  • Pixel size                           2,4 μm

  • Data Interface                 LVDS Semi Duplex

  • ADC Resolution                10 bit

  • Pin Count                          4

  • Shutter Mode                   Rolling Shutter

  • Supply                              3.3V, 15mW

  • Framerate                        9-50 fps

  • Cable                                4-wire flat up to 3m

Optical FOV 90 degrees

  • FOV 90°(Diagonal in Air)

  • F/#4

  • DOF 5-50mm

  • Integrated NIR Cut Filter

Optical FOV 120 degrees

  • FOV 120(Diagonal in Air)

  • F/# 4 or F/#5

  • DOF 2,5-50mm

  • Integrated-NIR Cut Filter

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Innovative solutions for biological and medical applications
In-Vivo Tissue Monitoring
Micro-fluidics Applications
Pill Endoscopy

In-vivo imaging

Our technology enables the use of in-vivo imaging for endoscopic device studies. This makes it easy to monitor biological processes such as wound healing, tissue propagation, cancer progression, and more.


We ensure that our products are reliable and safe to use, and our team has decades of combined experience in the medical device industry. Our customers trust us to provide them with the best endoscopic systems on the market.

Microfluidic systems

Our micro-camera modules are designed to work seamlessly with our microfluidic systems, allowing for the precise imaging of fluids and particles in real time. The combination of these technologies offers a powerful tool for research, medical, and industrial applications where high-quality imaging is crucial.

Our micro cameras are suitable for a range of applications, including microfluidics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and industrial manufacturing. These systems provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable results, making them an essential tool for many industries.

Implantable devices

Micro-cameras offer several advantages over traditional monitoring methods, including increased accuracy, improved resolution, and reduced invasiveness.

Our team of experienced researchers and engineers is dedicated to developing cutting-edge optical and computer vision solutions that enable new discoveries in the field of biology.

We are committed to advancing the field of biomedical research and improving patient outcomes.

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