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computer Vision Technology and AI Algorithms for Automatic Cell Viability Metrics

​Cell culture labs use microscopes to examine cell growth,  cell proliferation, and cell vitality. This includes checking the cell confluency level, whether the cell morphology looks normal, or if contamination is present. 


 Automate these important and time-consuming steps by using computer vision technology.

 AI algorithms are capable of automatically collecting cell viability metrics for your custom cell line product.


Deep Tissue Massage: Treatments

Improve your image segmentation results with our machine learning-based models. Our services include:

  • Full 2-D phase image segmentation

  • Segmentation of cells in fluorescence images

  • Identification of unique structures within images

  • Cell tracking for advanced analysis

  • Virtual painting for fluorescence images to enhance visualization

GT Cells
Deep Tissue Massage: Beliefs

AI and machine learning models help improve both image acquisition as well as processing and analysis. Image enhancement with AI includes:

  • Advanced image segmentation using machine learning models:

  • Conversion of phase images to fluorescence-like images

  • Highlighting of key regions of interest (ROIs)

  • The transformation from uneven to uniform staining

  • Extraction of multiple features from a single-channel image

  • Elimination of unwanted artifacts

  • Noise reduction for clear and accurate results


AI applications
for microscopy:

  • Maximize your biological expertise with our image analysis services.
  • Utilize our advanced AI algorithms to classify and identify objects of interest within your discrete measurements.
  • Create custom-labeled datasets for machine learning models and streamline your analysis process.
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