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Sonar Imaging

Expert Sonar Imaging Services for Military, Commercial, and Marine Applications. We specialize in processing sonar data, including image mapping, image quality adjustment, data labeling, and artifact identification for accurate seafloor analysis

Sonar imaging is a representation of emitted sound pulses that reflect off objects in the water column. These instruments then measure the time and angle of the return pulses to detect and locate these objects.

Besides military applications sonar is also used for commercial finishing, fishing farms, search and rescue operations, and marine archeology.

Processing sonar data, always known as a "waterfall-like" video feed from a sonar survey involves: the creation of image maps, adjusting the image quality, labeling of the data, and identifying sea floor artifacts that are unrelated to the backscattering properties of the seafloor.


As with any data, side-scanning sonar data collection for AI applications has to account for a variety of hidden obstacles, some of which include: 

  1. correction for moving the instrument 

  2. varying time gain and manual gain changes

  3. gaps that result from a sea surface reflection of the near nadir bottom returns

Get advanced sonar imaging services for your underwater operations. Our services are suitable for a wide range of applications including military, commercial fishing, fish farming, search and rescue, and marine archaeology. We specialize in processing sonar data and creating image maps, enhancing image quality, labeling data, and identifying sea floor artifacts.

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